Who are the best 100% winning Forex signals service providers ?

There is no such thing as 100% when it comes to anything in life, and here we are talking about the forex market, so the chances are even less. 

Anyone out there promising 100% accurate signals must have become a millionaire already and now it’s their time to give back to the society, so don’t fall for this gimmick. 

We have seen signals accuracy up to 95%, but on some days and it is not at all consistent. 

To cut a long story short, you should instead look for the forex signals provider that gives you realistic percentage and unlike some fake providers out there, that are increasing the percentage as the conversation flows. 

The number of scammers are increasing day by day, and you need to be absolutely sure before you start paying someone for the “winning forex signals”, these are the things which generally We look for – 

Website – The scammers out there sometimes doesn’t even have a legit website to start with and hence make sure that they at least have a website and if they are what they say, then they must have added their tracksheet too as the proof of their performance, go through the whole website diligently before moving forward. 

Realistic Accuracy –  There is no sure shot formula to get 100% accuracy and hence We consider 70-80% accuracy realistic and achievable, so anyone approaching you with more than this range might be a scammer, so don’t get lured with the higher percentage. 

Consistent Returns –  We are guessing that you haven’t got consistent returns and thus you have asked this question or stumbled upon this answer, We make sure that my signal provider provides me atleast 20-30% consistent results and this is again achievable and realistic, anyone approaching with more consistent returns gives me a headache, We like to play it safe. 

Personalised Signals –  Don’t pay to someone for adding you on their “official” whatsapp or telegram group, where you will get the same signals which thousands of other people like you are getting, those signals are generalised and are being circulated for free as a promotion tool as well. Make sure that your signal provider is providing you exclusive personalised signals that you are paying him for. 

Competent Research Team – Make sure that you have had a conversation with the experts and they are ready to answer each and every query of yours, do not entertain those marketing people who are unwilling to connect you to their experts or supervisors. 

Risk Reward Ratio –  There is no such thing as no risk and only rewards, so beware when someone approaches you with unattainable combinations such as 1:3 and above, these are all just to get your attention and investment. The ideal ratio is always less than 1:3 as it is genuine and at the same time covers you well in case of losses. 

Apart from these, you can ask for some free trials (though many signal providers don’t promote that idea),  their past performance record, if they are real, they will provide you past records without tantrums. 

Again, coming back to your question, don’t think of forex market as a one time striking deal rather focus on getting consistent returns so that you are slowly and steadily working your way up in the market. 

We will be happy to help so if you are still not sure about the signals or have any query related to this, feel free to contact!