Carlos and Company Reviews: Scam or Best Forex Signal Provider

Carlos and Company Reviews: Scam or Best Forex Signal Provider

Carlos and Company which is an International Research Firm has been making quite a stir in the forex market. It will not be fair to comment that it is a scam or the best!

The beauty of the forex market is that it is unpredictable and thus one company with good analysis can also be termed bad when the market goes against them and similarly one company with absolutely no basis for recommendations can just be giving all right signals if the market goes their way.

For better understanding of your signal provider, the basis should be risk management and Carlos and Company focuses on that more.

I have gone through their past records and tracksheets, have cross- checked with their verified clientbase as well and have come to the conclusion that many traders are associated with them for years and are completely satisfied.

On the other hand, I did find some traders who said that they were satisfied but would appreciate it if the pip count at the end of the month could be increased.. (the more.. the better right?).

The opinions vary from trader to trader and thus it isn’t on anyone’s end to call someone the BEST or label them as a scammer.

Another thing in my review about Carlos and Company was their quick reply, I enquired about their services and was delighted to know that they were ready to explain me all the details even after I told them that I am just enquiring and have no plans to go for any signal provider as of now.

They claim that they provide personalised signals, which I verified from another traders, they all seem to agree on this part plus they claim their accuracy is 75–80% which was indeed true.

So, I like the fact that they didn’t overpromise to lure or anything.

The traders say that they get their detailed report ( I didn’t get it, guess it is just for their paid clients and it is justified), which helps them in better understanding the market.

Would love to know how they manage to give reports on daily basis .. that’s another impressive thing.

As far as prices are concerned, I thought they are expensive.. Asked their clients the same as well, they all seem to agree but since they are still staying with them then I guess they are enjoying equal profits after their fees as well!

In the end, I would just say that it depends on traders whether a company for them is a scam or the best. Sometimes, the market is bad and thus instead of blaming the signal provider, you should ask them to tell you the strategy to recover your losses as in the end, it’s just profit and learning that matters.

For me, Carlos and Company were a delight, as I believe in consistent returns and they promise and deliver just that.. But for other traders it might be only profits and I don’t blame them ..that might be their long term goal.

If I will ever go with a forex signal provider ( not saying that I will but I am thinking about it) , then without a doubt Carlos and Company will definitely be on my list and this way I might figure out what wonderful insight must they provide in their daily reports ( as not many companies actually provide anything other than signals).

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