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The majority of prop firms follow conventional ideas, but we flipped the concept around. By cracking the hard algorithms of prop firms funded accounts and developing a method of winning prop challenges, we will provide traders with recommendations based on a time limit, realistic drawdown targets, limited leverage, no account resets, and high-level support, so they can gain the freedom and edge they need to actually succeed.

Success for you is success for us! Our goal is to assist you with any potential prop firm challenges and provide you with the talent you need to generate greater profits.

We are a financial consultant that supports highly skilled yet undercapitalized traders in growing their wealth.

We provide live trading feeds to many traders, and many have been able to start their careers within the proprietary trading industry as a result of our services. There is a huge lack of support given to traders across the industry. This lack of support is one of the main reasons why traders find prop firm challenges so hard to pass. We decided to change this and see what happens if traders are given adequate support. You will receive timely, specially designed trade recommendations based on systematically calculated risk and money management in our premium support.

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Strict & Unrealistic Trading Rules

Depending on the prop firms you’ve been looking at, you’ll notice unrealistic expectations that are literally designed to cause traders to fail.

Let’s take the 30-day challenges, for example.

As a trader, some funding options will give you a maximum of 30 days to jump through the hoops needed to get funded.

This actually equates to maybe 20 trading days, with 1 of which being NFP and maybe 3 of which contain very high-impact news releases. Not only that, but you also have a maximum loss limit and a minimum trading day limit. You can see how this is meant to hamstring traders and cause 96% of traders to never be awarded a funded account.

This was our hypothesis, so we decided to put this to the test…

When we founded our premium prop Club, we flipped the conventional ideas around. We decided that we will crack this algorithmic and design a way to get success in prop challenges by providing recommendations based on time limit, realistic drawdown targets, limited leverage, and without any account resets, along with high-level support, would give traders the freedom and edge needed to actually succeed.


  1. Are you one of the traders who found himself in the trap of a prop firm
  2. Are you in search of a solution to crack the prop firm challenges?
  3. Are you searching for a way through which you can earn and increase your earning in the Forex market? high-profit targets, lower drawdown limits, and different set of rules are making your prop firm journey a challenging task?
  4. Everything is good with demo accounts but when everything starts with real accounts is messed up.
  5. Your account has been terminated on silly rules which are hard to keep in mind while finding trading strategies.
  6. What are the drawbacks of prop firm funding?

Trader's challenges with a prop firm

question, like many others, depends on the prop firm you’re receiving a funded account from. Many prop firms like to pressurize traders with very short duration limits, in order to force mistakes.

These new-age prop firms offer trading conditions that require traders to gamble within the markets. 

  • 10% profit targets with only very few trading days to complete
  • Instant funding
  • High leverage
  • Limited drawdown management
  • consistency Rules

All of these factors inspire traders to push as hard as they can, with higher risk and lack of emotional intelligence.

Prop firms purposely make it hard to pass a funding challenge.

The more traders that gamble, the more traders fail. With the business model these prop firms run, this equates to more money for them!

This is the same situation with B-book brokers. Traders soon realized that their brokers were setting them up to fail and trading against them in the markets, so the majority of Forex traders moved to the ECN brokers that had their best interest in mind.

With the Forex markets already being tough, why would you want your prop firm purposely making your job harder?  

Why We are Best

Money is the by-product for us what’s matter to us is the discipline which you have to follow as per Experts. If you are ready to give your dedication then we will go to make you conquer the prop firm challenge. We will be your companion throughout the whole journey.

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