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Expert and best XAU/USD signals for your requirement and needs

Carlos and Company Provide sincere, reliable and profitable XAUUSD signals and give the comex industry the best customer support. We are passionate regarding our performance, and we aim to deliver at the highest levels. We study the markets 24/7 every single day. We aim to build our strategies and skills to help retail gold traders in all their problems related to trading. We want to deliver them constant profit and make them pro with our expertise.

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We make all the hard work for our clients. We analyse the markets, put a close eye on the world economy and craft the perfect signal for our clients.

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Carlos and Company gave me step-by- step guidance on how to trade in this fluctuating market to make more money.
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What are XAUUSD signals? And how they can help you?

Are you new to trading and need to make a top start? Or, perhaps you have been trading for a while but have never gained a profit? If so, then our quality Xauusd signals could be what exactly you require to fast track your progress. The fact is that gold trading is difficult, it demands years of experience, and every trade requires a detailed analysis of technical and fundamental factors. This is the reason why only a few traders ever reach their goals. But don’t worry, carlosandcompany is here to solve your problems. There is a difference between xauusd signal service and the best Xauusd signal service and we always aim to deliver the best gold signal service through accurate and right gold trade signals. You will get 4-6 xauusd signals daily along with a personalized trading plan to enhance and grow your account not immediately but definitely.

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24/5 signals

Daily Gold signals for all time zones

We provide trading signals throughout the 24 hours. So, whatever time zone you are in, there should be signals for you to follow. Many members can only follow for part of the day and still receive plenty of Xauusd trading signals. We are the best gold signal provider because we not only provide xauusd signals live but also live market updates, research reports, and personalized service which makes us different and best Xauusd signals providers from others.

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24/5 support

Research and analysis

live market updates

personal assistance

Risk management

Consistent ROI

support from professionals

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Customized service

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We will make everything easy for you

When you sign up for our signal services, we will send you a complete message explaining exactly how our signals work and what you need to do to follow them. We will send you daily research reports, live market updates and all major economic events of the market to make you a pro in technical and fundamental knowledge of the market. We will make everything as easy as possible and will walk you through everything you need to understand.


We will do all hard work for you

We analyse and monitor the market 24/7 to derive the best trading opportunities in the market. Whenever we find the right opportunity, you will automatically receive a notification from us via Telegram and SMS* with all the essential details; entry price, stop loss and take profit etc

We provide 24/5 support with sincerity

We provide the best possible support to our clients as we value your money and want to make it worthwhile. We have a team of highly experienced professionals who will solve all your problems and work with you towards attaining the common objective of making the highest possible profit from your investment.

Our services

We build customized service for our clients

Carlos and company is one of the best consultant firm, who provide quality consultation in various markets in the form of research, analysis and signals. We analyze each and every market moments to bring the best consultation service for you.


Comex is the market for trading in Base Metals and Precious Metals like gold, silver, and platinum.This market is merged and regulated by the New York Mercantile Exchange.

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We are dedicated to adding value to Client’s portfolio by delivering satisfied and quality result.

Daily research report

We provide daily research report to help you in selecting the right investment strategy

Live market update

We provide live market updates to inform you whats going on in the market

Personal assistance

We provide personal assistance to help you in best possible manner

24*5 Support

We are serving globally and are available 24*5 for you as per your free time and requirement.

Customized Service

We provide customized service as per the global as well as personal requirement of the client.

Market analysis

We do technical, fundamental and sentimental analysis of market to generate quality signals


We are serving globally and we are successful in delivering the satisfied results to maximum number of our global clients.


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