Carlos and Company Reviews: Scam or honest.

Carlos and company is an international Research firm, producing quite an excitement in the Forex market. We will look at Carlos and company reviews on various platforms and conclude whether it will be fair to comment that it is a scam or the best. 

Carlos and company give trading tips and guidance in forex, crypto, and commodities. With a highly experienced research team, they analyze and monitor the market 24/7 to deliver the best results to you. Carlos and company provide deep insights about the market condition before sending any open position. To know more about how we work, you can watch the video below.

Carlos and company reviews from various clients

The virtue of the Forex market is that it is unpredictable, So one organization with good analysis may be considered as bad when the market goes against them, and, also one company with absolutely no the basis for recommendations can just be giving the right signals if the market goes in their way.

The basis for a better understanding of your signal provider should be risk management, so Carlos and Company focus on that more. Anyone can go through their records and track sheets, cross-check with their verified client base as well, and can conclude that many traders are associated with them for years and are completely satisfied. On the other hand, you will find some clients saying that it should be more pips to satisfy with results (the more, the better right?). The opinions vary from trader to trader. Thus, no one can call someone the best or label them as a scammer. You can watch the video below to know what various clients say about Carlos and company.

Carlos and company reviews on trust pilot

Another thing that strikes the most about Carlos and Company is their quick reply. Anyone can inquire about their services and would be delighted to know that they are ready to explain all the details even after you tell them that you are just inquiring and have no plans to go for any signal provider as of now. They claim that they provide personalized signals, which can be verified by other traders. They all seem to agree on this part. Carlos and company claim their accuracy is 75-80%, which was indeed true. So, I like that they did not over-promise to lure or anything. Which can add a positive side to Carlos and company reviews!

Carlos and company have an average rating of 3.6 on, which is not looking descent. Of course, it is not possible to satisfy every customer in this volatile market. You will find an average rating lying between 3 and 4 on various other sites, but you cannot judge the quality based on reviews alone

Carlos and company reviews

Why you should choose Carlos and company

They provide a detailed report based on the fundamental and technical analysis. They help in a better understanding of the market. Carlos and company manage to give their reports daily, and that’s another impressive thing you will find about them. Along with that, you can discover all the data related to market updates on their research page.

Carlos and company have different types of packages as per the client requirement, and clients are staying with them to enjoy equal profits after their fees as well! In the end, it depends on traders whether a company for them is a scam or the best. Sometimes, the market is not doing good, thus instead of blaming the signal provider, you should ask them to tell you the strategy to recover your losses in the end. It is just profit and learning that matters.


We can conclude that Carlos and company have an average rating lying between 3 and 4. These are not decent rating because it is hard to satisfy everyone in this volatile market. No one can predict the market because no one has control over it. But with proper risk management along with implementing various strategies, losses can be reduced. This can help in generating consistency.

Carlos and company believe in consistent returns, and they promise and deliver just that. But for other traders, it might be only profits, and no one can blame them, as that might be their long term goal. Carlos and company show their positive sides as well as their negative sides by not hiding their negative feedback’s. Thus, you will find Carlos and company reviews based on the mixed response from their clients as well. It will depend on you if you want to test the quality or, you want to believe what others are saying.


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